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WHY productboard?

With all the pressure on product managers to research and collect feedback, ideate and prioritize feature ideas, monitor and coordinate development, and communicate product plans, it’s little wonder that so many promising products lose their direction. We founded productboard to change that.

After years of hacking agile project planning tools, spreadsheets, and powerpoints to manage our products, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build a better solution. We firmly believe that product leaders should have a beautiful, simple, yet comprehensive system of record for product management.

productboard facilitates collaboration between PMs and other teams, it boosts team morale by offering context behind key product decisions, and automates time-consuming chores like processing feature requests and updating your roadmap. Above all, productboard helps PMs enjoy peace of mind while building products people actually want :)


We are a young startup and we realize we have a long journey ahead of us. We also realize that right now we have the unique opportunity to create a company built on strong foundation of trust, transparency, mutual respect and accountability. We've got years of experience under our belt and we are committed to building our company the right way from the beginning, creating an inspiring environment in which all of us can thrive and grow.

In whatever we do, we think of our customers first. Meticulous design and focus on amazing user experience is in our DNA. It is not just about the product though. We will go further. We will build a strong brand and a community that every product leader will be proud and honored to be part of.

Join us.

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